White Sourdough
Naturally leavened and treated to a cool overnight fermentation.

Some sourdough culture, but less dense because of the addition of yeast.

Seeded Sourdough
Naturally leavened with a hefty dose of biodynamic wholemeal flour, packed full of seeds and coated in sesame.

Wet dough makes this loaf soft and elastic, great for mopping up sauces.

Eggs, milk and butter make this loaf closer to a pastry than bread.

Rye Sourdough
100% Biodynamic rye flour, fermented with our rye sourdough culture.

Wholemeal Sourdough
Naturally leavened loaf made primarily from biodynamic whole wheat.

Classic crusty baguette with a slightly sour twist.

Large Focaccia
With sourdough culture and olive oil.

Small Focaccia
Small version of our focaccia. With sourdough culture and olive oil.